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Lumbar Sympathetic Block

Indication: Complex regional pain syndromes of the legs

The lumbar sympathetic nerves mainly originate from the L1 and L2 segments of the lumbar spine and are located in front of the lumbar spine and supply the sympathetic innervation of the lower extremities. A lumbar sympathetic block is indicated for the diagnosis and treatment of the complex regional pain syndrome of the lower extremities, acute peripheral vascular insufficiency and acute herpes zoster of the lower extremities. The procedure is achieved by inserting a six to seven inch spinal needle into the anterolateral edge of the L2 vertebral body under the guidance of fluoroscopy. Ten to 20 ml of local anesthetics is injected to block the lumbar sympathetic nerve. Some patients with complex regional pain syndrome may experience complete pain relief, which lasts from hours to weeks. However, more studies are needed to confirm the clinical efficacy of this procedure.

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