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“An accurate diagnosis is the most important step for the successful treatment of chronic pain.”

Traditionally, chronic pain management has used the strategy of “you have pain, I have medications” or “you have pain, I have injections.” Many patients have received injection treatment by physicians they never saw before they got on to the operating room tables. This old tradition has been challenged over the last decade.

As a board certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Kidd believes that an accurate diagnosis is the most important step for the treatment of pain. In our clinic, we always evaluate patients first, getting a detailed history, doing a detailed physical examination and viewing MRI films before we reach a diagnosis. We never treat a patient without an appropriate evaluation of the patient.

Over the years, Dr. Kidd has not only provided accurate diagnoses for thousands of patients with variety of pain conditions, he has also found the real causes for many misdiagnosed patients, and thus successfully treated their pain conditions, previously labeled as “incurable”.

Do You Know the Facts?

  • A migraine type headache after whiplash injury is not necessarily a migraine. It can be easily treated with other methods rather than migraine medications.

  • An MRI finding of a disc herniation is not necessarily your real pain source. A lumbar epidural steroid injection or lumbar disc surgery is not always the answer for your back pain.

  • A normal MRI of the lumbar spine does not necessarily mean that you do not have damage to your lumbar discs.

  • A normal EMG/NCV test does not necessarily indicate that you do not have nerve root irritation or damage because EMG/NCV tests only examine the function of nerves not directly related to your pain.

These are only a few examples. If you are a patient with undiagnosed pain conditions or you are not satisfied with your current diagnosis or treatment and want to have a second expert opinion, please call our office. We will help you.

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